About Us


We are do-ers. We execute.

At Goode Compliance International, we pride ourselves in being an employee-based organization which provides each client with their own team of specialized engineers from start to finish of the project.

Since 2002, we have provided biomedical engineering services and solutions to medical device manufacturing clients. Specifically, we offer expert execution of compliance, validation, regulations, training, remediation, and resourcing with the opportunity to convert our employees into your employees at the end of the project.  We’ve had great success providing team-based solutions to FDA enforcement actions to remediate 483 and Warning Letter observations.


Our People

We employ the most dynamic, brilliant, and youthful biomedical engineers in the industry. Their eagerness to work hard while bringing a fresh and modern approach to the industry is unparalleled. Our clients appreciate that we offer engineers who have been trained in the most recent technologies, software, processes, and regulations and can swiftly delve into a new assignment at a moment’s notice.

Where is GCI?

Located in Miramar, FL, we built a 3,000 square foot open-concept office that houses the support staff as well as over 20 seats for the engineering staff when supporting remote assignments.  For on-site assignments, we have traveled all over the world – Ireland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain and Switzerland. Where our clients need us, we go.

Our Reputation

In addition to winning numerous awards and gaining multiple affiliations in the medical device industry, GCI has built solid, lasting relationships with some of the top biomedical engineering universities that grant us access to their scholarly resources for advanced research and testing for our clients.

Our Mission

To help improve, prolong and save patient lives by providing regulatory compliance and quality engineering services to medical device manufacturers, resulting in products that meet rigorous industry and quality standards.

Goode Compliance International (GCI) has been serving clients since 2002. Our company was founded on a simple premise: “The Answer is YES! Now, What’s The Question?”

Our Vision

To serve over half of the Medical Device Fortune 100 companies by 2025.

GCI will have established offices within all the key medical device manufacturing markets throughout the United States.  The company will have more than a hundred  employees who are energetic, creative and enthusiastic.  Our offices will be a place our employees will enjoy coming to work, every day.  We will have partnered with dozens of additional accredited universities to continue our commitment to hiring talented graduate engineers.  We will be servicing over half of the fortune 100 device manufacturers, providing a range of compliance and biomedical engineering services.  GCI will be recognized as an innovator and leader across the medical device industry for records remediation and execution services.

Our Values

  • Respect and integrity encourage us to always do the right thing even if it is not the popular choice.
  • Commitment and tenacity begin by first believing in what we do, then seeing that task through to the end.
  • Responsibility and accountability empower us to approach each task with objectivity and encourage innovation and efficiency.
  • A sense of community inspires us to our higher purpose in service to others.