Meet the Engineer: Will Brown

Meet the Engineer: Will Brown

Welcome to the second post in our “Meet the Engineer” series! Read below to find out makes GCI engineers more effective and efficient than the rest, as well as some useful advice for prospective GCI candidates from one of our project leads, Will Brown.


Why should someone choose GCI over any other company to work for?

Working at GCI will vastly expand your breadth of knowledge more quickly than a similar role at another company. You get exposed to a wide range of expertise and, as a result, learn a diverse array of skills. Being part of one of our teams is much more dynamic than any stationary role with highly specified job duties. Since we take the time to train and develop our engineers, both entry-level professionals and more experienced engineers will find working for GCI a valuable experience.


What has been your proudest moment working at GCI?

After displaying my superior expertise on a project, I was asked by a client to write a white paper for their remediation program. I came up with some pretty creative solutions and was using them on a small scale within our group. So when the client’s work instructions weren’t cutting it, they asked me to formalize my solutions in the form of a white paper that they could issue it to the rest of the organization. This document became the rationale used as a baseline in many TMV reports and I was able to set out an actual workflow along with a process that the client could follow to generate that same result every time.


Did you always know you wanted to be an engineer? What drove you to become one?

I didn’t plan to be an engineer; it happened by blind luck, really. My educational background is chemistry and I was recommended to GCI by a friend in my senior year of college. I didn’t have any background with medical devices or engineering, but I utilized my foundation in statistics, math, and physics and taught myself everything else I needed to know to get the job done.


Out of your extensive time with the company, what would you say is the best part of being at GCI?

The best part of being at GCI is having the opportunity to learn lots of things very quickly, specifically the many different ways to solve problems. By working here, you get to learn much faster than you would in any other type of role, which often only includes repeating the same process over and over again.


What is the best thing GCI offers to its clients?

GCI engineers have an eagerness to get the job done well and GCI puts a large emphasis on getting projects completed in a timely manner. If you compare the vast majority of our workforce to a team of senior consultants, in general, we are more adaptable and we can start working on a client’s process faster because our teams are agile and adaptable. The majority of our teams are focused on working on the technical elements of the project, and only a few members are leading the strategic efforts and making recommendations on how to improve their process. The ability to leave the strategic elements to only a few team members allows us to get our projects completed faster.


Do you have any advice for prospective GCI candidates?

The amount of effort you put into asking questions and investigating what you’re doing determines how much you learn from the job. Basically, if you come into this job ready to work hard and do a good job, you will be recognized and rewarded for your efforts.


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